Daybreak INSURANCE portal

Daybreak insurance Portal

  • Provide customers with a single, personalized point of access to relevant and authoritative information in regards to their policy, billing, and claim information.
  • Provide insurers, brokers, MGA’s and business partners with a unified place to engage, support, learn from and respond to their customers and other audiences.
  • Provide the Insurer IT organizations with an agile, scalable means to deliver Web applications, an environment to enable collaboration and empower the business.

  •  Personalization/White Branding for Agent/Consumer sites
  • Content Management categories for Insurance
  • Support for Multi-channel and Multi-Device Delivery
  • Workflow/BPM with Insurance Process Templates
  • Insurance Document Management
  • Security Authentication/Single Sign-on
  • Data Integration and Web Services focused on Insurance standards and protocols
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Application Framework Containers
  • Development/Configuration Tools